Allied Grape Growers general e-mail - For general correspondence, questions, etc.
Nat DiBuduo, President - Company lead; Grape sales & negotiations
Jeff Bitter, Vice-President - Contract review/negotiation; Grape supply manager; Market analysis
Irene Ybarra, Controller - Systems Management (contracts and grower accounts)
Alesia Zion, Accounting Manager - Human Resources; Accounts Payable
Marcia Silva, Office Administrator - General reception; Office administration; Membership meetings
Chad Clark, Manager North Coast Operations - Contract Negotiations & Senior Grower Relations
Matt Kerr, Grower Relations - North Coast grower relations
Emilio Miranda, Viticulturist & Grower Relations - SJV scheduling; Viticulture consulting; Madera grower relations
Joe Osterman, Grower Relations - Lodi and Northern San Joaquin Valley grower relations
Karl Lehman, Grower Relations - Western Fresno County grower relations
Ed Nikssarian, Grower Relations - Eastern Fresno County and areas south grower relations

Mailing address:
Allied Grape Growers
7030 N. Fruit Avenue, Suite #115
Fresno, CA 93711

Office phone numbers:
Fresno Executive Office: (559) 276-7021
North Coast Field Office: (707) 433-6525

Fax numbers:
Fresno executive office: (559) 276-7129
Healdsburg field office: (707) 433-1354

Field rep cellular phone numbers:
Chad Clark, Manager of North Coast Operations:
(707) 328-8017
Matt Kerr, Grower Relations - North Coast:
(707) 292-2184
Emilio Miranda, Viticulturist and Madera County Field Representative:
(559) 259-2381
Joe Osterman, Northern Interior (Merced North):
(209) 606-4666
Karl Lehman, Central Coast and Western Fresno County:
(559) 240-7263
Ed Nikssarian, Eastern Fresno County and areas south:
(559) 470-7411

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