There are a number of benefits as a result being an Allied Grape Grower member. The following is a brief summary of those benefits.

  • Allied is grower owned and operated, always keeping the best interest of the growers in mind, and always presenting growers with fair and valuable market information.
  • Allied Grape Growers reviews, oversees and enforces the contractual interests of our growers regarding grape purchase agreements.
  • Allied has a timely payment schedule for members - 90% on the first Friday following 30 days after delivery and the balance within five (5) business days of February 10 following harvest.
  • Allied takes the initial credit risk of processor payments and works for the grower in perfecting the producer's liens, etc. in the event of non-payment by a buyer.
  • Allied markets everything from premium coastal wine grapes to San Joaquin Valley concentrate grapes. This provides exposure and market information from every aspect of the industry.
  • Allied offers members marketing strength through varietal and categorical diversity.
  • Allied has a continual presence in the marketplace selling to nearly 100 different buyers and having ongoing communications with many more annually. This provides the opportunity to have a constant supply of first hand market information from many sources.
  • Since Allied sells to multiple processors throughout the state, members can maximize marketing opportunities to potential buyers.
  • Allied provides a knowledgeable and experienced fieldstaff to advise in viticulture practices and provide members with market information.
  • Allied is an agricultural cooperative, meaning that profits from operations are allocated back to the grower members as equity in the association. The equity is then distributed to members in the form of dividends, as approved by the Board of Directors annually.
  • Allied markets and prices their member's grapes on a quality basis. Quality growers reap the rewards of their growing practices through higher pricing.
  • Allied operates at cost for the benefit of the membership, charging only 2% in service fees to the grower in order to cover operating expenses and maintain an adequate equity balance.
  • Allied offers flexible payment options including a harvest advance program and a deferred payment program for the benefit of grower-members.
  • Allied offers group rates and/or special benefits on insurance such as crop, health, and workers compensation and more.

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