What is Allied Grape Growers?

Allied Grape Growers (AGG) is a grower-owned winegrape marketing association. In short, we sell winegrapes to winegrape buyers of all kinds throughout California. We represent roughly 500 independent grape growers in the marketplace, performing the task of negotiating grape purchase agreements on their behalf.

AGG is the leader in understanding supply-side dynamics in the California winegrape sector and uses that expertise to maximize results for our member-growers as well as work with our buyers to properly plan for their growing supply needs.

AGG also provides year-round services for our growers with regard to viticultural expertise, market updates and more. We serve as a liaison in the grower/vintner relationship, working together with our grape buyers and growers to maximize results for both. We maintain year-round communication and relationships with our buyers and work to help them adjust to their ever-changing supply needs.

As part of AGG's benefits we provide growers with quick crop payment, while simultaneously working with buyers to accommodate their cash-flow requirements. AGG pays our growers just days following completion of harvest but also offers the option to defer payment for tax reasons. AGG also may provide crop advances upon request. We are also sensitive to the cash flow challenges experienced by smaller grape buyers when negotiating grape purchase agreements.

Aside from the practical day-to-day benefits AGG provides growers and buyers, we have a proven history of wine industry involvement and leadership. AGG is closely involved with the California Association of Winegrape Growers, the Wine Institute (via the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance) and almost all regional winegrape grower associations, for the purpose of working collaboratively toward California wine industry growth and success. AGG also holds positions on the Winegrape Inspection Advisory Board and within the PD/GWSS Advisory Board.

AGG has been in existence since 1951 with decades of proven leadership and value in the California wine industry. Our open approach to doing business and working/communicating with all in the industry has been an attribute we continue to hang our hat on. If you are looking to buy or sell California winegrapes, please contact us. We would love to explore the ways in which we might do business together!